Sunday, January 3, 2010

Microsoft Outlook Training

Microsoft Outlook:  

Arguably, the one Microsoft Product that I use the most.
Sadly, also one of the most under-utilized applications in the office world.
That being said, I am often asked for training resources on Outlook so someone can get "up to speed" on it.
So much so, I created an email template that I routinely send out to my customers.

Here is that email in case you're also looking for Outlook training.

For more information on Microsoft Outlook or any of the Microsoft Office products you may contact IT Inc with the information posted on our contacts page here:


Here is the site for Microsoft Outlook 2003 Training:

Here are some direct links to various free online courses you may want to take:

Become an Address Book expert                                          

Create great-looking signatures for your e-mail                 

Get to know your Outlook Calendar                                     

Organize meetings with Outlook                                          

Introduction to Tasks:                                                  

If you get through all those videos you should be well on your way to becoming an
Outlook Pro.

For all other Office 2003 products go here:
(Scroll down to Office 2003 training courses”)

For more
training options I recommend the following site;

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