Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Google Wave

Google Wave is a new piece of Google Software thats going to attempt to shake up the stale digital communications model that is prevalent throughout the world today. It really blurs the lines between Email, Instant Messaging, Document Collaboration, and Note Taking. When one sends a "wave" it only falls into each category depending on how it's used by the participants. While offline it behaves like an email, while online an Instant Message, during a meeting it allows collaboration and group editing, and when a new participant is added like a revision history. By that last bit I mean that one can go to the beginning and "playback" the conversation, show changes and edits so the newest participant gets the full idea of whats going on. To read more about this new Google Project check out this free Complete Wave Guide

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Monday, February 15, 2010

Blog Update: New Look and Feel

Over the past little while we have been trying some different ideas with the blog. These were things for performance, post formatting, and social networking. One area we haven't spent much time on up until now was the aesthetics. Thankfully Blogger uses a nice template system so this change is relatively easy and were still up and running without any down time. So now we can work on continuing to bring more features to our blog, as well as fresh content. We hope you like the new look as we continue to innovate and change our offerings to meet and exceed the market expectations.

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Monday, February 8, 2010

Google Apps Security

The security features employed for Google Apps are top notch. Google uses the same system to protect their users data, as they do their own. Something that goes a long way in saying who trusts this platform. This security is thanks to Cloud computing, which also has the benefit of allowing access from anywhere and avoiding issues of lost media in an attempt to transport files outside of the office, as shown below.
For a broader overview of Google Apps Security check out this youtube video...

Monday, February 1, 2010

Configure Legacy Devices to Run on Windows 7

The Windows 7 driver store includes a small collection of drivers for legacy devices, mostly older printers, modems, scanners, infrared ports, PCMCIA controllers, and other oddball devices that don’t use Plug and Play connections. While this is nice, Windows may not have the drivers. And even if it does, it won't automatically set up such devices
If this legacy device is still a valuable asset then your probably going to want to keep it around. Although you do need to keep in mind it tends to be a little bit more work to set up then something new,it still tends to be easier then if you need to implement an entirely new hardware platform.
Start by downloading the most recent hardware drivers you can find (ideally, for Windows XP or Windows Server 2003), and then use the Add Hardware wizard to complete the hardware setup process listed below...

How to Password Protect USB Flash Drive on Windows 7

USB Flash drives are probably one of the most convenient ways to transfer and backup files. They are low cost, ultra portable, and require no driver installation from the end user. Although this ultra portability brings up an entirely new problem; it's very easy to lose a flash drive. If your carrying sensitive data this can become a big concern. The solution? Windows 7 BitLocker.