Monday, February 1, 2010

How to Password Protect USB Flash Drive on Windows 7

USB Flash drives are probably one of the most convenient ways to transfer and backup files. They are low cost, ultra portable, and require no driver installation from the end user. Although this ultra portability brings up an entirely new problem; it's very easy to lose a flash drive. If your carrying sensitive data this can become a big concern. The solution? Windows 7 BitLocker.
Windows 7 BitLocker has the technology to encrypt all the files on your USB Flash drive. This means that only someone with the correct password can access your files. To enable BitLocker, Right-click on the drive and select "Turn on BitLocker." The on-screen instructions are very easy to follow and will help you secure your data  and protect yourself from prying eyes.

Microsoft has also been considerate enough to provide a tool that allows read-only access to these files for Windows Vista, and Windows XP. It's called "BitLocker To Go Reader," and is available from Microsoft.

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