Saturday, July 17, 2010

Connecting Entourage 2008 to Exchange 2007

I was doing some training on Mac's and I ran into a very hard one to solve so I am posting the solution on my blog in case someone else runs into the same issue.

Getting Entourage 2008 working with Exchange 2007 (bundled with Small Business Server 2008 in this case) is oddly confusing.
In the end, here is how I got it working:

Just in case your account name is different from your email address you need to use the email address:
Username:                      bobmarley
Active Directory Domain:  contoso.local
Email address:      
OWA URL:             
The proper format for the "Exchange server" field is in Entourage is:
What is strange is that is URL doesn't really exist.  You would expect it to be: 
But that's not the way it works.

The URL that works is a standard from the Exchange 2003 days.
By default, the OWA URL used in Exchange 2003 is:
"" not 
(In Exchange 2007 the URL changed from "Exchange" to "OWA")

Its just a guess but I assume that the developers were working with Exchange 2003 when they were coding Entourage 2008 so they followed the Exchange 2003 OWA URL Format.

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